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You ever get emotionally invested in some shit that frankly doesn’t matter like you’re scrolling through TV  and accidentally stumble upon Barbara yelling at Valentina  for not scrubbing the toilet well enough, you could do so much better with that other red brush Valentina, and for the record this example is in no coherence with my life.

I do not know who Valentina is.And no it wasn’t Telemundo.


Anyway I am  mad af at humans, and I’m in the mood to roast a part of your civilization.So ah, sup Vegans?

I just want to understand why do all vegans dedicate their lives to informing us omnivores that they crossed paths to the ruminant-life. You guys are just something else, starting movements,preaching on animal rights.Speaking of animal rights, plants have rights too, think about it aren’t plants living creatures too, they grow, they die,they eat.You know what I’m starting a movement of my own, PLANT LIVES MATTER.

From the creatures of black lives matter  and sausage party we bring to you plant lives matter too, coming live to theaters near you. 


You already know who’s getting the lead role.


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